Mission Statement:
Minerals, Energy, and a Heart of Gold

Massive geopolitical changes are altering the face of our economy. This will create distortions in the flow of capital and increased risk for many. But it will also create incredible opportunities for savvy investors. Each month in Resolute Wealth Letter, Tom Luongo reveals new, deeply undervalued natural resources, commodities, and stock investment picks that allow you to take advantage of these dynamic global economic trends.

Many will experience uncertainty in this environment. But subscribers to Resolute Wealth Letter will enjoy incredible opportunities to profit. The long-term strategy of the portfolio is to help you protect and grow your wealth as confidence in our political system wanes.

Over the coming months and years, Tom will identify investments that you will likely hold for years. Combining top-down macroeconomic analysis with technical research and a thorough review of corporate fundamentals, Tom is able to pick the winners that so many others miss. Whether it’s a real estate investment company in Singapore or a frac sand explorer in Canada, you can be sure that Tom has hand-picked investments that meet his strict criteria for growth, stability, and security in an uncertain world.

In fact, many of these will be companies you’ll buy and hold for so long that you would be comfortable stashing the certificates in your home safes or safety deposit boxes. This is Tom’s “strongbox” approach to portfolio management, and it’s an investment approach that is sorely missed in today’s high-frequency trading environment.

With Tom on your side, you will be able to find little-known opportunities to profit from the powerful geopolitical forces that are re-shaping our global economy. You will understand why these investments make sense in ways that few recognize, and you will gain confidence in knowing that your money is being put to work in ways that will protect you and your family for years to come.



Tom Luongo's Resolute Wealth Letter

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