Andrew Packer’s Story

Andrew Packer is a Senior Financial Editor with Newsmax Media. In addition to writing the Resolute Wealth Letter, he currently writes the Insider Hotline investment advisory and serves as investment director for the Financial Braintrust. He is the author of the books Uncharted, The High Income Guide, and The Insider’s Dossier, as well as the upcoming books, The Trump Gold Guide and Safe, Solvent & Rich.

Prior to joining the financial media, Andrew worked as an analyst at a private equity firm, where he warned of the approaching financial crisis in 2008. He also worked for a real estate research company, cautioning anyone who would listen of overvaluations there as well.

A self-described “all of the above” investor since childhood, Andrew’s investment approach is based on value, growth at a reasonable price, special situations and any other opportunities presented by the market. His top-performing investments have ranged from physical silver to options to “boring” stocks, like telecoms and utilities. Andrew’s biggest and earliest successes have some in the commodity space from beaten-down names in natural gas, copper, silver and gold among others.

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